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Offella di Parona is a short pastry-based delicate biscuit and its flavour is unique. Its roots are at the end of XIX century, when the product, slightly different for the present, one, was only a home-made biscuit. In small villages, “prestinai” (in dialect it means bakers) and housewives used to make, every other day, sweet and delicacies that were sold during the main festivity.

At the beginning of XX Century, during the festivity dedicated to Holy Mary of Rosary (every fist Sunday in October), the housewives used to bake Offelle to offer them to heir guests that came to the village to spend good time with their family and their friends. Even though the advertising system was not developed, Offelle di Parona became very popular. The secret of their success was due to the genuineness and the perfect measure of the ingredients. The recipe is jealously kept by Forno F.lli Collivasone, that produces Offelle with the traditional ingredients and the ancient love.

ADVICE FOR TA STING Plain Offelle di Parona are very good, but they can be an extravagant dessert if dipped in good Spumante (sparkling wine) or coupled with English Cream.

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